Deserts, Beaches, Mountains and me

Tucson, Arizona (Mt Lemmon)

Two weeks of longing to sleep, two weeks laying in bed at odd hours of the night and going through each little piece of the puzzle. The road is blurry, the path I will walk is long and I am weary. But the road calls my name, seeking out adventure and pushing my mind, body and soul further each time.

I find myself in a new position, wanting to finish this adventure with the thoughts of what happens next already fixated in my mind. A seed has been planted for the opportunity to continue my vagabond lifestyle but with a subtle amount of calm and some routine sprinkled on top of it. Thats what happens when you meet a girl, someone you care about and want to see them strive but also to build something together. No longer do I dream of the roads travelled alone, I imagine sharing memories of laying under the stars holding her. Running into warm waters soaking our bodies and laughing or reaching the summit, holding her hand and looking out into the vast nothingness beyond. 

When I met Steph it was at an interesting time in my life. I had returned home from an 'adventure of a lifetime'. I got to ride 14,000 kms on my Triumph from Revelstoke, Canada through the mountainous path of the rockies all the way to Mexico. I got to finish by exploring the baja peninsula, a bucket list item for me. But in the end, I will remember doing that part alone. I know I should appreciate the opportunities and to cherish the memories, this is something a lot of motorbike riders plan to do in their retirements, a lifetime achievement. So what is next? What do I do when I finish riding to Canada?..

Well actually the path isn't clear, and I have created many opportunities for myself, but I do have some goals which will require a lot of patience and time and probably money to get off the ground. I have been inundated over the last year or so by friends and family and people who follow me on social media (some which are now close friends) and asked how I manage to survive, how do I make money on the road and keep traveling. But the truth is I dont, I have begun doing my photography, and some things are provided for me by sponsors, and some of my pictures are now beginning to be published in some publications, which is a great thrill, but I think the biggest opportunity right now is writing travel articles. Giving small ride reports to motorcycle magazines, doing reviews and basically trying to break out in a very competitive market. 

Right now I plan on returning back to BC, applying for my permanent residency, selling my trials motorbike and seeing my friends back there. Once I've done those things I will begin waiting for my PR to be approved and then hopefully I can return to Australia once the Summer in BC is over so that I can see about continuing a relationship there, but also beginning my own business in Australia. I will go into more details on that later, but it is based around motorcycles and being able to remain mobile to some degree. It is going to be an interesting year , I had no idea things would work out this way, but I sure am excited to push on and make it a year to remember. They seem to keep getting better!