Honesty.. Shaken, not stirred.

Adventure comes in many forms, we all define and understand the concept very independently. What I find adventurous others may find weak or others may think it's crazy. But I only know adventure on the seat of my bike, exploring the roads less travelled and meeting those which navigate a similar path.

I have been fortunate enough to discover some amazing places and reveal friends who would have remained strangers if I hadn't pushed myself to find them. Most importantly I've discovered myself. I guess it all begins back a few years ago when I started out on this journey, little did I know at the time that in 2016 I would have set out and done all that I have. I'm yet to meet another adventure rider who is as avid about making this a permanent lifestyle as I have, willing to sacrifice everything at whatever cost to maintain it. The relationships you have to forego and the ones you will yearn to see again are pre-requisites to continuing this life long adventure and there is a opportunity cost for all things. Often I hear the words, "you're so lucky" or "I wish I could do that". And I do think of myself as particularly fortunate to have been brought up with a good education in a country where life is so simple, I am almost spoon-fed to a point that is detrimental to oneself. Part of living such a sheltered life makes us ignorant to not only the dangers of living but the beauty of what taking risks involves.

I want to live a dangerous life, I want to feel the heat of the hot desert sun as much as I did the icey Alaskan waters when I plunged in with the icebergs adrift in the same body of water. I want to love and hate and feel the anguish of loss and not be subdued by the feelings of guilt for being honest when I know I am going to disappoint someone because they think I should do things differently. Eventually I intend on evolving this blog into a place where I can be completely honest. People can judge me on raw information which isnt tainted by the effects of what society believe or want us to be. Not the type of honest most people say they produce and lie about. I mean all those thoughts which you keep inside you because you're worried how it may effect someone else, when the truth is screaming at you behind clenched teeth. Eventually I will have such a life that only those who love who I really am will have any desire to associate with me because I have provided them with all the truthful information they require and I'll not need to hide it from anyone for any reason.

I think if you made it to here you are beginning to understand the kind of life and the reality I want to live in. Part of understanding me and what I do and why I do them will come from having a honest understanding of yourself. I believe that everything begins within you. Most people will never give themselves the time and energy alone to think and feel the way I have, withoutmany factors from the outside. But you will discover, if you are truly humble, caring and genuine in your existence then fear of the unknown will not scare or worry you. It will become something that will no longer concern you, but a motivating factor to investigate the different planes that life can peacefully & happily co-exist on.

I sit here in Arizona, on the other side of the world from my 'home' but I feel at peace. I dont feel like I'm a stranger because I am content to learn and thrive from those around me. Learning important life skills as I make my presence felt in other peoples lives. I have made it my mission to continue forward and taste the new cultures of Central America and to go with an open mind and heart even though part of it is still back in Canada. The excitement is shadowed by the reality that I have already excepted I want to share this kind of dream with another. I'm sure those of you who have someone else in your lives are aware, that even the sweetest sunset means very little until you can look at the eyes of a loved one and know they saw it too.