Learning about life, on and off the road

Its impossible for me to begin to describe the ride, the journey. I'm sure someone more capable at describing life and all its intricacies in impecable detail could somehow formulate a story which captivates its readers. I cannot process all the places and the people just yet. There was far too much happening each day to truly explain.

I can however tell people about how amazing it is to have the opportunity to do this 'ride of a lifetime'. In the last few years whilst riding around and traveling the world I have met dozens of grown and mature men, who are later in their lives, that have dreamed of doing this exact trip for decades. And sadly,  most will never actually succeed in doing so. I can tell them it is possible, but for something like that to be true, we must first prioritise our needs and wants. Then we must sacrifice others to create the time to do such a thing. That is the opportunity cost of living this way, a life on the road.

I began the trip a few weeks ago , excited about the prospect of riding with another member. I had not spent this much time with one person before on such an epic trip. I have done it alone, but I was adamant to create this memory to share with someone. Tim had never ridden for this length , from all evidence since then I can only assume he hadnt ridden anywhere near enough to tackle such a great adventure and may have bitten off more than he could chew. But although I had over estimated his experience or ability, I respect him for wanting to do it so much that he would do it anyway. Sadly, it ended badly on the last day of our trip, the day before he was due to fly back home to Australia he was involved in a accident on the road. He's okay, the bike is ruined. I dont think there is much point in going into the details of the accident, but in that moment that I was accelerating out of the tight banked corner heading back into town from Saguaro National Park I heard the screeching of brakes and I knew something had happened. I went into survival mode and swung around and dodged back through the traffic to find the motorbike pancaked under the front end of the dodge ram. Tim had gotten up at this stage but was in shock. I was instantly glad to see it was a motorbike and not a human I was pulling out from under the truck , but you cannot help but feel saddened and annoyed by the loss of my pride and joy. That bike I had ridden all around North America and shared so many memories with was tangled up and busted and bent with all its parts hanging off it.

With all that said and done, it was an amazing trip of a lifetime. Although the ending was not scripted to happen, these things happen for a reason. I truly believe for whatever reason that other opportunities will arise from this situation. I believe that there is good that can come out of bad circumstances and Im constantly looking for a silver lining and trying to focus on the future ahead, not to dwell on what has occurred. I realise I could get mad, but there just isnt any point. I have some amazing things coming up with the ride down through Mexico and heading to Indonesia to see Sara & RB then home to Australia for Xmas ! Really, anything is possible next year, 2017 looks to be incredible and I would love to spend more time focusing on bringing out more video but right now I'm struggling to capture the things I want to. My mind thinks in still photography and I'm confident capturing the shots I want to get, but when it comes to video, its entirely different with so many other challenges while I'm riding. I respect all these other riders out there who have come up with a way to document and share what they do , trust me, it isnt easy!

I think right now I just have way too much to say, I have so many things on my mind this week since returning to civilisation and settling in and absorbing the entire trip and then the accident, it may take a few different blogs to really scratch the surface of what I'm trying to say. A lot of the time it will probably not make a lot of sense, so to anyone patient enough to read these, I applaud you! I think I am fairly ADD when things like this are concerned, I have no ability to remain focused and my mind jumps around to so many things. I will point out ALL of the blogs I post are straight from my head, they are entirely unedited, just a rough draft.. It probably doesnt surprise anyone because of the poor sentence structure, but my high school english teachers probably will laugh that nothing has changed!

I want people to know what life on the road is like, I want the blog to be an open journal about my experience with riding the world on two wheels, but most importantly I want it to expose the hardships faced psychologically. The many different aspects of the psyche, what pushes people to make this life work, why my mind creates situations which are often physically challenging and mentally exhausting, just to get from A to B. I hope people can read this and learn about challenges faced in any manner of living, no matter if you're riding or if you have a bad day in the office. To understand that each person faces so many problems but its how we choose to over come them which defines us.

I am fortunate enough to have reached so many special people on all corners of the globe, I have traveled far and wide and made a concerted effort to contact and befriend people who inspire and motivate me to be the best person I can. Sometimes I'm fortunate enough for a woman to enter my life, one which challenges the norm, a special person who could be be the missing piece in the puzzle of life. So far none have completed that, but I remain vigilant that one day I will be able to share the adventurous life I live with a person who understands the way I am, loves what motivates me and encourages me to push harder rather than accept what I have. It is no secret when I meet these people, friendships or relationships, I try my best to keep it open and honest and help them succeed at their goals. That is important to me, because when I have influenced someone positively I get a sense of pride and that I have achieved my goals. We are all here for a reason, I still think I can change one persons life, and hopefully many more.