Finding friends in unusual places..

So it occurred to me randomly whilst sitting at Thomas' kitchen table, if life always worked out, I would not have been sitting here with some great new friends having an excellent experience and in the end it was just what I needed.

Lets rewind a little bit to a few weeks ago when I set off from Vancouver with the intention to meet up with a friend of a friend down by the Oregon border and ride the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route from south to north back to British Columbia. I was disapointed again, I committed, made plans, put all the hard work, effort, energy and money up to do this trip and at the last minute was left sitting in Bellingham with no real destination. At first I was mad, but in hindsight it was one of the beginning of a shift in life events which has led me to some great new opportunities and the unfolding of some quite unique events. I never would have disappeared into the Washington back country alone and ridden through snow in Mt Baker. I wouldn't have continued south and ride the cascade mountain route and met some crazy cool climbing guys and laughed and tested my metal on the highway. I wouldnt have the experience of arriving in Leavensworth after a 12 hour day riding through torrential rain, pulling into MacDonalds and finding wifi to message Jesse in Everett to tell him I was too tired to continue pushing through to the coast. It was then that events began to turn, he commented "why dont you visit the touratech rally in Plain".

Little did I know those little circumstances led me to meeting guys like Austin (riding from Arizona to Alaska, inexperienced on bikes and off road but full of adventure).

Sitting on Greyback Mountain on the eastern perimeter of Penticton, I posted a photograph to the west coast wanderer page and got a reply from Thomas saying he lived right there and I was in his back yard !! Purely by coincidence. I wouldnt have been there if these things hadnt happened and I wasnt there showing Austin around and finding campsites. It just really goes to show that having a positive outlook and remaining focused on whats important is really what matters. Things wont always "work out". Sometimes the best thing that can happen is not what you wanted in the beginning at all.

I think I'm beginning to learn what is most important - I have spent more time alone than the normal man has, or probably should and I think all this time has allowed me the opportunity to focus on myself but also to look inside myself and realise who I really am. I meet people in cities these days and I always feel they are blocking out so much of life and how they really feel. My impression is that we as humans often create drama and excitement to block those things out and to ignore the reality of who we are. We must fall in love with ourselves first before others can truly love us, and that is different for each person. Not everyone wants to camp in the back country alone for weeks on end like I do , I appreciate that. But do what makes you happy, follow your dreams and be honest with yourself.

Ive had a rough few weeks, to be honest, as much as I've enjoyed meeting new people and exploring the country before I set off on another huge adventure in a couple of weeks, I have lost a couple of close people. Sad as it is, these are people who were dear to me and due to certain circumstances things dont always work out. I am confident it will work out in the end , I am employing my own advice and looking for the silver lining to these broken friendships and relationships and I am trying to be there for those people and others who are in need. I feel for everyone and continue to try my best to make people in my life happy and support them doing the things they love. You know who you are.

For now I will share that wisdom with you, hoping that you all are able to believe in yourselves too and to take a step back sometimes when it would appear that things arent going your way. Try focus on the good in every situation and see how it could be done better and learn from it.