isolation by solo off-road travel

Okay, how many times have you gone off into the wild alone, for multiple days with no real plan, no map and actually just sat and thought about life, about yourself. Left alone with your thoughts, no roads, no towns, no friends or family, no influence from outside. Sitting there in a hammock, isolated from society with the view of the mountains beyond the trees as the sun sets in the distance, I can tell you, your mind begins to think up some amazing and wonderful things. It crosses itself and dances around so many thoughts its hard to plot them or keep track as it races to solve all of lifes mysteries.

I wish I was a better writer, I dont know anything about it and in fact simply putting myself here in front of this laptop to jot down a few of my thoughts is daunting. When asked by all the people why I dont write, often my reply is that I'm shit at it. I think its quite possible I am either dyslexic, or ADD or both. haha. Which leads me back to what I was saying a minute ago, your mind is an incredible tool, most of us are so caught up in living our lives we dont often sit back and allow the brain to just process what is going on around us.

I have began to realise that my circumstances are quite rare, and the story which surrounds me is something which should perhaps be told. I have began to realise the important of documenting some of these things, and more specifically, the way a young mind reacts when put in certain scenarios which arent common. I think alot of adventure riders who do document their travels around the world well, are in fact of the older generation, which is awesome and I love connecting with all travelers and riders of any age. But, I think they experience the isolation differently and their minds are at a different place when they do it too. So I would like to share my experiences and my thoughts which I encounter as I begin riding more and more but also as I get better with the blog lifestyle.

So, I just returned from a rather nice ride from Vancouver I spent those couple of weeks riding around Vancouver Island and then I came back to the mainland and cruised down into Washington to ride the back country discovery route with a guy who we had mutual friends down there. We intended to meet in the south and ride north together but once I arrived in Washington he surprised me with a text saying he would have to cancel the ride with me, which is a shame but I'm beginning to realise how flakey other riders are. So I took that opportunity to go out and explore some of the back country alone, but I didnt have any maps I just wanted to ride around and see what things came up.

I spent a week riding around the cascades and even randomly ended up at the touratech rally in Plain , Washington which was an awesome experience. We rode for a few days and connected with a heap of adventure guys down there. I will write up another entry based on the rally itself with a bunch of pictures.

At the Rally, I met with Austin (live_4_adv), a young guy from Florida on his first long distance motorbike trip. He was headed North to Alaska, so we teamed up and headed on our way together. It was a pleasure hanging out with him and getting to show him a few little things I had picked up about riding along the way. At first he was super scared of the prospect of bears and things in Canada, by the time I left him in Johnson Lake . BC I think he had settled down a bit and was happy to be camping alone for a night.

I continued on and now I find myself back in Vancouver, its been a while since I had an entry and putting SO much into one blog is silly.. I need to capture the thoughts I'm having at the immediate time, but I didnt have my journal or my laptop with me on the latest trip, which made it difficult. Anyway, I'm back in the city briefly, this weekend I'll see a lot of my old friends from my time living here in 2014 and then afterwards I'll head off to Chilliwack to visit Norm ! the best KLR guy on earth. We plan on doing some work on the bike together and preparing it for a ride I'm planning with a couple of guys from BC. I have to consider how I'm going to get my truck and trials bike back to Revelstoke and do all this riding though as well as sell the trials bike.. oh, thats another big event ... No trials guinness world record... sorry guys. It really has gotten ridiculous, I've had so many people commit and change their minds in regards to the record attempt its been impossible for me to plan certain aspects of it. At this point in time I will not be able to pursue it any further, so I will postpone it for now in the hope that I can find a good group of people to attempt it in the future, or something very similar. But it allows me to plan other things, and it also means heading to Mexico on the continental divide trail alot sooner than planned! And im super excited to go adventure new parts of America after a couple of summers just riding the mountains in BC. Theyre amazing, but I get bored easily and riding alone is usually the reason.

So for now, I guess I'll add some new pics up!! tidy up, and sort my stuff out. I want to go more in depth with the whole psychology of riding alone, but today isnt the day for it, so keep reading and keep riding safe !! hope to see you in the back country.