Leaving Revelstoke and the journey ahead

I packed up the truck, an old 1994 Ford F-150. I loaded all my lifes possessions into it and left the town I have called home for the last 18 mths.
I arrived in Revelstoke last year with the intention to stay for a Winter season and then hit the road with a bike in the Summer. At the time I had planned for Ritchie to arrive from Australia and I would be able to spend all the time before then just reading maps and organising my new life in Mexico. We imagined we would surf and ride our bikes until we found a suitable spot to settle, maybe start a hostel or surf school or something. After all, neither of us wanted to settle back into the life of a "9 to 5".

Turns out life had thrown me a curve ball. After the Winter had finished and it seemed Ritchie may not arrive until the end of Summer, I took it upon myself to not only plan the trip for 2 big adventure bikes but I would use my time exploring BC and mapping out a tonne of off-road routes all around the back country. That led me to the realisation of how amazing and overwhelming it all really was. I spent the entire Summer of 2015 with 2 things on my mind.

  1. ride , camp and have as much adventure in my life as possible
  2. look at the possibility to begin an adventure tour company to showcase it to the world.

Out of those two things, both were achieved. I spent the whole time figuring out how to make a business on the other side of the world and any spare time I was out riding and exploring the wilderness. I got to spend so much of my time camping and riding that I filled up my SD cards and dread the thought of how much time I am going to need just to scratch the surface of all the material that is on them.

Since then ALOT has changed. Ritchie came and went. Unfortunately due to a previously sustained back injury he wasn't in the right condition to complete the journey and after two weeks of riding around BC getting familiarized with the bike and terrain he decided to call it quits and head back to Portugal where he resides. I have been fortunate since Ritchie has left to continue riding and actually be approached by some fantastic sponsors who have given me the opportunity to showcase their things and continue riding the places I love.

The last couple of weeks since pulling out of my little mountain town I have gotten a renewed sense of life, and inspired me to continue going on this journey of riding. I have camped in some amazing back country on the slowest route possible to Vancouver. I spent a couple of nights out near Kelowna and then headed South near Keremeos and Hedley where I spent a few nights on the River and riding the KLR650 in the mountain ranges there exploring some abandoned gold mines.

I then moved camp and Jen joined me out by the Chilliwack River for a few nights. We hiked Mt Thom and Lindeman Lake, and rode our mountain bikes around and generally just absorbed outselves into the nature that exists out there, only 20km away from Chilliwack itself.