Inevitably, after any big adventure or journey you will return home and a myriad of different emotions will envelope you. The common and cliche’ feelings which you will encounter are things which you can investigate, discuss, rationalise and communicate to other people. Then there are other things you learn, about the world and yourself which aren’t as easy to understand because they are planted deep within your own psyche, bubbling away waiting to have an external event to trigger it. I have uncovered a world of adventure which gives me constant excitement, living constantly on the edge, surrounded by new, wonderful things. I’ve often wondered why I get bored so easily and why I always need to be entertained. So, have filled my life full of these activities  which make my mind plan and plot and organise. Now I’m home I continue to do this, it’s a sort of addiction, fearful of what I will feel and think if I am left to my own devices with nothing to distract me. 


So, what now then? You’ve just had such an amazing adventure after selling everything you owned. You’ve come back, everyone has families, they’re married, kids, careers, houses, cars. Everything you left behind to chase the pink dragon down the road of constant adventure. You’ve come speeding back into a world full of rules, boundaries and expectations and you don’t have a realistic plan except to write a few articles in magazines and edit a bunch of video. I’ve been asked by most people, what now? The reality for me is that I don’t envision I will ever return to the life I once had. I actually don’t want that anymore, the core of who I am has shifted. But, after years of travelling and meeting thousands of people I have realised I want to share this with someone. This life I am leading is exciting, it is adventurous, but it isn’t alone. It may require someone that is unconventional, someone who is exciting and equally spontaneous. There is a part of my mind, heart and soul which craves to be able to enjoy the exciting things with someone else. I do have a little bit of a plan, I don’t really like sharing it too much because I hate the thought that it may not happen. Things change so rapidly in life these days it feels like a constant disappointment when you make a plan and then have to tell everyone, “oh, I’m not doing that anymore”. 


I will say , I am looking for somewhere to invest in, a block of land where I can have a ‘home’. Not in the traditional sense of the word, but more like a place I can return to, put my things, have my workshop with my motorbikes and my photography studio as well as a basic living space which is low maintenance and in the country somewhere. Ideally I will build a couple of small living quarters on the land, single bedroom style cottages or domes or something and have them quite self sufficient so that I can lock my own area up and let the other residence be rented out. In the meantime I plan to return to my little town down south which I call home, I will focus on my writing, my photography, my health and my family. My brother is down there with my niece and nephew, I haven’t been there to watch them grow up and as much as I love to travel and be the guy exploring the world on two wheels. I would be lying if I said I didnt love seeing my family and returning each time to learn more about them. One of the challenges of doing this kind of long term solo travelling is so hard to do any kind of research on, because everyone is so different. One persons experience can vary so greatly there really is very little purpose in trying to understand it. Just get out there and you will deal with it as you go.


On a very real note, several things are very clear and apparent. Without sounding too depressing or negative, two of my good friends here in Australia committed suicide whilst I have been touring around North America. Sadly, I was not there to see it, hear their cries or to mourn with my friends them when they left this world. Although they aren’t physically with us anymore, I know they exist. I know the memory of them will carry on with the feelings and thoughts we all share about them. 

I also had some of my best friends get married, have kids and / or move houses to very different parts of the country or world while I’ve been gone. So this has changed the dynamics of my home. It is interesting to be dropped into this as if you were there the whole time and try and catch up on all the happenings in a matter of weeks or days.

The city has changed, literally whole new buildings constructed, new areas developed and roads and highways put in. Which means more people coming to the city, slowly shaping the way people live and the people and experiences which occur daily. It really is a very multifaceted concept, moving home isn’t just what has changed me, but it really is about the entire community which I live.


Finally, I’m very excited about the opportunities which are being created and forged each day I am home. There are so many things I am learning about that I don’t know exactly what to expect or what plans to make. I will be me and I will try and educate others but at the same time I really feel I have some more learning to do. I want to listen and watch the actions of others to see what doors open and which one is right for me. If there is one thing I learned about the world recently, one token of wisdom to impart at the end of all this. The world is a good place, people are good and if you believe in that and believe in yourself, then everythings going to be alright.