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My story.

I am an Australian-born adventure rider, and have been exploring the world for the last few years by any means. I am seeking to learn about foreign cultures, meet inspirational people and motivate others to choose their own path in life - whatever that is.

I grew up in a remote part of the world: Perth, Western Australia. It's an isolated coastal city with beautiful beaches and wide open spaces. Perth has developed considerably in the past twenty to thirty years, which has been fueled by recent mining/resource boom throughout West Australia.

When I was a child my family lived in the suburbs and on a small farm a few hours from the city. We went to good schools, and were happy and healthy. My father was a very creative man, an inventor of sorts. He worked internationally including the United States and India. My mother created a home, supported our family and looked after us. She raised us with good morals and equipped as with the tools to provide us with almost infinite possibilities. When I was 9 years old my father passed away. Our family remained strong through the loss, but as I was a child I could not understand what effect it would have on my life.

Several years later, when I was 14, my mum met a man named Michael (now my stepdad), and we moved 1000 miles to the North of West Australia to live in the small mining town of Karratha. It is a hot desert of a place and at first I was shocked by the different lifestyle and culture of the people there. After 3 years living there, learning about some amazingly beautiful archipelagos with abundant fishing, secluded waterholes, and developing relationships with people who have remained close friends, it was a difficult choice to leave that behind and move away once again.

I transplanted myself back into the city life to study, but hated the course I had chosen! I felt so out of place and the only thing which kept me there was my stubborn attitude. Eventually I quit my course in business marketing and worked on the docks in Dampier in order to save money for travel. Not long after that I bought a small van with one of my friends and we set off on a surfing trip driving around Australia. Our trip was cut short by the offer to be an apprentice electrician at Western Power. For the next 7 years I worked as an electrician in power stations and mining industry. The money I made working in mining allowed me to thoroughly explore much of Asia on several trips. My travels on motorbikes included riding the Ho Chi Minh trail, and through Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia. I also saved money, invested and set a '5 year plan' to buy a house and settle a little. I accomplished my goals, but lost myself along the way.

Since I left the mining industry in April 2013, my life has changed dramatically. I set off from Australia with my ex girlfriend with the intention of moving to Canada for a year or two and then return to work as an electrician and build a new house together. Those were our goals we made together.

At the end of 2013 our relationship ended. I was left to consider my options and create a new plan while I was on the road, alone, and separated from all my friends and family in Australia. At the time, I was in the US and heading North to seek consolation from a close friend in Montreal, Canada. I continued moving and found myself traveling by any means available, back through central US and down into the Southern states before meeting a woman whilst I was in Nashville. I made the decision to follow her back to her home country, Sweden.

Rushing the decision to move to Sweden was a terrible mistake for me. The white Scandinavian Christmas I had imagined revealed itself to be a very long, dark and depressing winter. The darkness brought back the feeling of losing myself that I experienced while working as an electrician in mining, and slipped into a period of insomnia and depression. I quickly pulled myself together and ventured south into mainland Europe, where I started looking for a 'home away from home'. Time spent on some farms in Italy reminded me of better, simpler times. Shortly after I was invited to meet with a good friend in France and suddenly I had the wind behind me again. I traveled South to Spain but could not find what I was looking for there. Before I knew it I was in Eastern Europe and heading in the direction of Australia. I realized if I kept going I would be home before long. My friends advised and pushed me to pursue my dream of living in Canada instead.


So, in 2014 I flew across the world again, arriving in Los Angeles with no plan other than to explore the West coast of North America, casually adventuring by whatever means were available. I started to dream of riding around on motorbikes again, like I had in Asia and parts of Europe. A few weeks later I moved into a basement apartment in Vancouver, bought a mountain bike and set out to get healthy, mentally and physically. I had let myself slip and put on weight. I wasn't active, I wasn't me anymore. It was time for change.

The time I spent in Vancouver and the British Columbian mountains was the turning point for my new life. I got a taste of adventure and actually witnessed the opportunity to live the life I had dreamed of. I didn't want to sit on the sidelines anymore, or watch other people succeeding around me as I had for so long.

I returned home to Australia for a few months to renovate my house and begin the process of selling it. I had to put together the funds to create the life I dreamed of and the house in Australia was a ball and chain holding me back from focusing on my goals. After 12 weeks of intense work with the help of some family and friends, I had completely renovated the entire house. It went on the market and sold the same day! I couldn't believe it. Every day I was there locked in that house I dreamed of the adventures ahead.

Early 2015 I returned to Canada and moved to my second home, Revelstoke: a fantastic little town at the Western side of Rogers Pass, on the trans-Canada highway, nestled into the Rocky Mountains as if it was straight out of a snow globe. I found myself surrounded by alpine peaks and deep snow. It was a surreal experience for an Australian boy who was used to sandy beaches and sunshine, where the rugged and dry coast meets the Indian Ocean.

Revelstoke changed me. It lit a fire inside me to explore the world and I will never look at traveling the same way. I realize all the places I've been that I could have gone deeper and really integrated myself into a place rather than just seeing the sites I read about in the Lonely Planet books. Now I seek out the roads less traveled, and scour maps and back road books, to ride the single tracks and logging roads to access hidden camp sites, lakes, creeks and peaks of mountains when the winter snow has thawed. The things I have found and the places I camp are amazing, and I hope to share all these experiences as I continue to travel around the world. I never want to stop this adventure, but I'm well aware how much life can change so quickly. All I can hope for is health and happiness, and that I can inspire people following my story to challenge themselves, to question their life constantly, to re-evaluate things and be dynamic with their personal happiness.

This is a new chapter of my life. I have planned a lot of riding projects this year: Vancouver Island, Washington, Oregon, back to the Canadian Rockies and north to Yukon at the end of Summer.

I look forward to updating this site as often as possible. I will be writing blog entries, and uploading pictures and videos as I go. I am endeavoring to write more gear reviews and offer travel information via YouTube. I will answer any questions people may have. I spent a lot of time riding as a kid on the farm and in my early twenties, and I could never have imagined at that time doing what I do now. I don't know where this path is leading, and that's a exciting concept to me



March 16th, 1985

Subiaco, Western Australia

Favorite bike

Triumph Tiger 800 XCX

Favorite Rides

Skagway Alaska - 59.4583° N, 135.3139° W

Moab, USA - 38.5733° N, 109.5498° W

Icefields Parkway, Canada - 52.1721° N, 117.0661° W

favorite food

sushi & lasagna (cant pick one)

What inspires me

I seek adventure and people who are passionate about what they love. I have not met many people who are willing to sacrifice everything to live their dream and write their own story the way they would have imagined as they did with the naivety of our youth.

Inspirational people forge their own path, as if walking on the beaches of time and leaving only their unique footprints behind them.

To infinity and beyond

Buzz Lightyear





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